Belifal Rechargeable AC Charger Super Bright Lithium Ion Batton (White)


  • Lithium ion batteries lasts for more than 5.0 years. These are the same quality of batteries that are used in laptops and mobile phones
  • Now save using led tube offering 4-6 hrs of backup offering bright light. This rechargeable tube has a very powerful diffuser plastic attached for light coverage in the widest possible area. The tube comes with modular attachment clips and also a hanging option with which you can hook this light within seconds almost everywhere
  • Introducing handy portable ideal for car use as well as in power failures even good bedside light. 4w high brightness aluminium led tube light with ac charger. The solar tube has 14 nos. Of smd leds and a 3.7v 8000mah lithium ion battery
  • Amazing product bright light for brighter education and for housewife to cook in rural conditions
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